Do you dream of designing a luxurious bedroom for your home?

After all, the bedroom is where most people spend roughly one-third of their lives—sleeping, of course! Having a luxurious bedroom where you feel relaxed and at peace is important for your overall health, well-being, productivity, and happiness.

If you’re looking to elevate your bedroom, there are five must-have pieces that are essential additions to any luxurious bedroom design—a statement bed, plush seating, vanity, artwork and accessories, and decorative lighting. Let’s explore these options further!

1. Statement Bed

When adding high-end bedroom furniture, there’s no better place to start than with your bed—the perfect centrepiece for any luxurious bedroom.

Assuming your master bedroom will afford you the space, start with a king-sized bed and flesh out the details from there. There are a handful of ways to turn your bed into a statement piece. Add a large, decorative headboard, a raised platform, or a full bed canopy frame!

2. Plush Seating

To transform your bedroom into your go-to spot for rest and relaxation, scatter plush seating around the room.

Depending on the amount of space you have available after your statement bed, you might be able to add a small couch or a pair of loveseats. If the room is limited, however, a simple reading chair or elevated bench at the end of your bed will suffice.

3. Vanity

The size of your vanity area will largely depend on the structure and layout of your bedroom. Some master bedrooms are already equipped with small nooks that will allow for a full mirror and wash basin.

Otherwise, you can complete your bedroom’s look with an attractive desk set or chest of drawers paired with a small mirror.

plush seating in a master bedroom


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4. Artwork and Accessories

While you should be careful not to overcrowd your bedroom with trinkets, one or two pieces of artwork and a few accessories can help you put your stamp on the room.

Just be careful to choose your colour palette wisely. Beyond ensuring that your accessories match the rest of your high-end bedroom furniture, you should lean towards colours that promote rest, relaxation, and of course, sleep. Steer clear of red, bright purple, and brown tones—opting for shades of blue, green, pink, or white instead.

5. Decorative Lighting

If your bedroom lacks natural light from windows and skylights, decorative lighting is a great way to add ambience.

For subtlety, add a pair of bedside lamps. Otherwise, you might opt for an overhead light fixture—such as an elegant ceiling light or chandelier. There are even ways to tastefully implement string or hanging lights!


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