A dining room is more than a place to eat, for many, it is a place for memories. It’s where you shared your first Thanksgiving with your new family, it’s where you laughed and joked around with your friends, and it’s where you sat down to share stories and meals with the ones you love most. If your dining room furniture has seen better days, don’t worry – Direct Interiors has everything you need to give your dining room a fresh start. With beautiful new tables, chairs, and cabinets to choose from, we can help you create the perfect space for all of your memories. We carry over 10+ of the most popular brands of dining room furniture for you to choose from.

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Time to Bring the Family Together Again

In many homes, even despite it being an important room during holiday meals and other family gatherings, the traditional dining room has become something of a rarity. Today, many families prefer to eat dinner in the kitchen or in front of the television.

Dining rooms could be seeing a resurgence, however.

Whether you’ve just purchased a new home with a dining room or whether you’re looking to finally move family dinners into the dining room you’ve neglected for so long, keep in mind that there are many more elements involved than merely a table and chairs.


Cabinets, lighting, and wall décor all have the potential to make or break your dining room’s look. The dining room is another area that may call for a beautiful centrepiece to kick-start conversations and create beautiful memories.

For many novice decorators, these are difficult components to get right. Fortunately, our decorating experts can help.

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