Thinking about giving your dining room a fresh new look?

Upgrading your dining room might be an intimidating endeavor for the average person, but with Direct Interiors’ wide selection of high-quality dining room furniture, it becomes a much easier task.

At our high-end furniture store in Ontario, which spans 50,000 square feet and two floors, we carry pieces from some of the top designer brands across the globe. Our dining room furniture strikes the perfect balance of luxury and functionality.

Investing in the Dining Room: Is It Worth It?

First things first. Why invest in high-end dining room furniture? Chances are you have a handful of line items that could use your budget. Why allocate it to the dining room?

To start, standard dining room furniture is especially prone to scratches scuffs, chips, and other blemishes. Whether it’s fine china colliding with a tabletop or a heavy-set person using an already-fragile chair one too many times, there are all types of scenarios in which dining room furniture can break or weaken if it’s not well-designed or properly manufactured.

This is where luxury furniture makes a huge difference. Conceived by veteran designers, constructed by expert craftsmen, and sourced from some of the finest materials in the world, luxury furniture is more than your average low-end piece.
What’s more, luxury furniture isn’t prone to going out of style like your average dining room furniture. While you may invest a larger amount of money upfront, you won’t need to repeatedly shell out money to replace an outdated piece!

Shop Our Wide Range of High-Quality Dining Room Furniture

Considered the best quality furniture store in Ontario, we carry luxury pieces for all types of dining rooms. Whether you’re able to splurge on the best of the best or you need a high-quality piece on a slightly lower price rung, we have something for everyone at our luxury dining room furniture store.

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We carry more than 20 designer dining room furniture brands, including Dinec, Handstone, Bernhardt, and Nuevo, to name only a few. From comfortable side chairs adorned with tufted backs and silver nailhead trim to starphire tempered glass tabletops with powder-coated metal bases, the options are virtually endless.

How to Choose Luxury Dining Room Furniture

Want to ensure that you choose the perfect pieces to complement your home? Here are a few essential tips to get started:

  • Arrange your dining table in the centre of your room for optimum traffic flow
  • Introduce lighter pastels or deep, rich colours to offset neutral tones
  • Implement a statement piece in the centre of your table
  • Incorporate a rug to help soften the space
  • Choose an interesting piece of wall art as a conversation starter

Leverage the Expertise of a Seasoned Interior Designer

At Direct Interiors, our staff designers boast decades of experience with dining rooms of all shapes and sizes. We know that the dining room is the place where heart-to-heart conversations are had and where joyous memories are forged over a meal, so we make it our mission to create a space that is equally luxurious and practical.

Our experts can help with designing your layout, selecting the perfect pieces, and creating a colour palette—all while working with your budget and space limitations.

Contact Direct Interiors today to book a consultation with one of our expert interior designers and tour our luxury furniture store in person!

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Simply fill out the form with your details and questions, and we'll get back to you shortly.