Is your office space conducive to a healthy and productive work environment?

Employees are most productive when they feel healthy, safe, heard, and appreciated.

Believe it or not, office design services play an important role in this. As your employees spend so much of their time within your four walls, the office environment has the potential to impact their output positively or negatively.

Follow these five office design renovation tips to help improve your employees’ mental health and productivity across the board!

1. Increase Natural Light

A lack of natural light can make employees feel isolated and even claustrophobic, regardless of whether or not the space is well-illuminated otherwise.

Of course, adding more windows is one of the easiest and most obvious ways to increase the amount of natural light in your offices. However, you might also consider knocking down unnecessary walls or adding glass partitions that allow natural light to pass through more easily.

2. Include Plants in Your Office Décor

Whether it’s adding a few potted plants or constructing an entire living wall, using plant life as part of your office décor layout will make your space feel less dull and clinical.

Beyond making your space feel more alive, certain plants can even help keep the air clean. Not only that, but the colour green can have a positive impact on your employees’ mood and mental health, as it is known to lower anger levels and reduce stress.



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3. Create a Private Meeting Room

If you really want to improve mental health at your organization, you will need the appropriate personnel and resources. A separate meeting room is vital, as it gives your employees a safe space to open up and share about their mental health as needed.

Of course, privacy is key. During the interior design renovation stage, allocate space for a soundproof, secure room where employees won’t have to think twice about whether their conversations are being kept confidential.

4. Build a Recharge Room

A recharge room is more than your average break room or cafeteria. It’s a space that allows employees to recharge physically and mentally. Many recharge rooms feature meditation areas and yoga mats, beds where employees can take power naps, or simple, uplifting décor. In any case, these types of environments give employees the opportunity to clear their heads and get away from electronic devices for a few moments.

5. Promote Physical Activity

Physical health and mental health go hand in hand. Unfortunately, many desk jobs are largely sedentary. There are, however, a few ways to promote more physical activity in the workplace.

Your furniture is the best place to start. Consider replacing conventional sitting desks with standing desks. This will allow employees to be on their feet more often and move around with ease. You might also consider replacing rigid office chairs with exercise balls. These engage the core, use a different muscle group, and are much easier on joints.

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