If you have a small apartment or room that you’re struggling to decorate, you’re not alone!

Luckily, we have some tricks that will breathe new life into your living area. Making it seem much larger than it actually is.

Here are some of our top tips and tricks to make your room look bigger.

1. Use vertical space. Add pictures and built-in shelves that extend from the floor to the ceiling. By drawing the eye upwards, you’ll make rooms seem larger.

2. Use furniture with legs to create an airy, open feel. This is particularly useful in the bedroom!

3. Whenever possible use your walls. Instead of side tables mount lamps onto walls. Install wall shelves instead of using cabinets. This will let you enjoy your items, without extra tables or cabinets taking up your much-needed space!

4. Use a light palette. You don’t need to stick to white. Look at pastels, shades of grey, or white mixed with a bright or mid-tone colour!

5. Play around with rugs. Placing your rug at one end of your tables or bed and having only half of the furniture on it will create an elongated effect.

optimal space design for condo living


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