For even the most creative minds and fashionable eyes, hiring an interior designer can help you bring your home dreams to life once and for all. Whether you want to make every space in your home look bigger, revamp your commercial property’s interior, or change a room’s overall aesthetics, the design ideas are endless when working with a professional.

Experts in interior design and decoration can guide you from initial planning to making your home look aesthetically pleasing and functional. At Direct Interiors, our interior designers and decorators are able to do everything from floor planning and room layouts to new cabinetry and millwork, to fabric selection, flooring and more.

With that said, here are 6 benefits of hiring a professional interior designer or decorator for both small and large projects in your home or commercial space.


Saves you money

An interior designer can help you skip unnecessary spending and prevent you from making costly mistakes, saving you money in the long run. They also know how to beautify your home based on your budget, so you can get the absolute best value out of what you can actually spend. 


Saves you time

Just like hiring an interior designer can save you money, it can also save you time. An interior design expert has a trained sense of what needs to be done for your home renovation and how to do it.

With their expertise, they can anticipate some of the obstacles that may arise during the entire process. On top of that, they may also give you a hand in looking for various accessories, furnishings, lighting; whatever you’re looking for!


Professional opinion and assessment

A trained pair of eyes will see things that you would otherwise easily miss. They are skilled at all phases of a project, from the early stages of identifying a client’s needs and desires, to developing a budget and shaping a workable design, to delivery and installation. 

The best designers will be able to identify the potential of a space or its inherent pain points immediately, and then provide creative solutions. 


Achieve that ‘WOW’ Factor

Thinking outside the box is what professional interior designers and decorators do. Hiring one will quickly help you come up with unique, personalized design ideas and choose from a variety of different design elements, such as the color palette, fabric, lighting and furniture arrangement. As a result, your home will not only look cohesive and beautiful, but it’ll also be well planned out and highly functional.


Increase the value of your home or property 

By having a visually appealing space compared to an outdated, dysfunctional space, the value of your property automatically increases along with the number of potential buyers. 


Receive custom items that aren’t readily available to the public

Thanks to designers’ exclusive access to custom cabinetry, fabric, wall coverings, furniture, decor, light fixtures and more, your home can look curated and unique rather than filled with basic items that everyone has from big box retailers. With access to tons of product and fabrics not available to the general public, professional decorators and designers know how and where to find the perfect pieces to complement your space.


Overall, with the help of a professional interior designer, your space can turn into a space that accurately reflects your personality and lifestyle.


At Direct Interiors, we offer both interior design and interior decorating services to help you turn your home dreams into a reality. Our seasoned, talented, and friendly professionals will work alongside you from start to finish of every project. 


Perhaps you’ve had the same old furniture, décor, and layout for years and have realized that it’s finally time to change things up. Maybe you’ve been sitting on empty space for months and are ready to start filling it in. Or if you own a business, you may be tired of customer feedback regarding outdated décor!


Whatever your current interior design and decorating needs may be, the team at Direct Interiors is here to help. Contact us today to learn more about our interior design and decorating services!