It’s officially the end of 2021, and it has us reminiscing on our favourite interior design trends of the year in the Greater Toronto Area. As a result of the ongoing pandemic and constant changes in COVID restrictions, our way of living has yet again been altered. Because of this, how we spend time at home and the way we decorate has shifted as well, and thus our decisions about our home and workplace have changed accordingly.

All of these sudden lifestyle changes seemed to force people to become more aware of the fact that the space they inhabit has a huge influence on their physical and mental well-being, which led us to opt for interior furniture and features that promote sensitivity, calmness, optimism, and playfulness; emotions that counter the inconsistent and disturbing events that took place in the outside world, offering a sense of escapism instead. Surrounding yourself in environments that make you feel happy and that you love became more important than ever this year.

From fuzzy bouclés to multi-functional interiors, here are seven trends that supplied us with endless inspiration throughout 2021…

1. Bouclé

Pronounced “boo-clay”, bouclé translates to ‘curled’ or ‘looping’ in French, describing the fibre’s curly nature. Although traditionally made of wool, it has since evolved using the same woven techniques with alpaca, merino, linen, silk, and cotton, making the style incredibly versatile, depending on your preferences and budget. 

A timeless classic, bouclé adds extra texture, coziness, and an overall unique personality to an otherwise basic item, making it the perfect addition to your home decor regardless of your style. It looks especially gorgeous when paired with mid-century modern wood tones, brass and marble accents, or minimalist and modern furniture styles. Not surprisingly, fuzzy fabrics were everywhere in 2021. Any piece of furniture using Boucle fabrics is a luxe addition to any home!

2. Curves

Before the pandemic hit, clean, mid-century-inspired straight lines dominated the interior design world. This year, amorphous curves have taken over. Though the trend of curvy furniture dates back to the 1950s, it has undoubtedly returned as an influential trend in 2021. From interior furniture to décor and art, curves offer a softer alternative to geometric shapes, giving a comfortable, welcoming and casual feel to any home. These organic, attractive shapes are replacing the boxy edges and solid lines of previous trends in interior design, and we’re all for it!

3. BioDesign / Biophilic Design

After another year of on and off lockdowns and staying inside as much as possible, 2021 found us eager to uncover new, sustainable ways to bring the great outdoors, indoors. After all, nature and greenery inspire a calming effect on people – it’s a universal human response. So as we spend more time indoors and in front of screens, it makes sense that we would want to create our own indoor oases and include more natural elements in our homes.

There has been a growing preference for warm tones and natural elements in interior design trends as people move towards eco-friendly designs. For example, adding either real or faux natural materials to your decor, or incorporating natural wood, from flooring to countertops, to accent decor adds an authentic and natural look and feel to your home. Additionally, stones like marble, granite, and pebble – as well as materials resembling these stones – also address the current eco-friendly interior design trend. Interior designers in Brampton and consumers began appreciating recycled and handcrafted goods not just for their aesthetic appeal, but also for their eco-friendly design. Bringing nature indoors, whether it’s with a bamboo floor or a living wall and beyond, is definitely one of the trendiest interior design trends of 2021. 

4. Flexible & Transformative Interior Designs

Traditionally, spaces were designed for the purpose they served – sitting areas, dining areas, meeting rooms, etc. Nowadays, people want more multifunctional spaces, allowing them to use their space more efficiently. The desire for utility and functionality has become increasingly important, especially for people living in large cities like Toronto, where spaces are typically smaller; making flexibility another popular interior design trend of 2021.

With fold-out tables and chairs, for instance, a space can quickly transition from a living room to a dining room according to the occasion. Additionally, the use of subtle wheels on furniture allows a room to be easily rearranged.

5. Bold Wallpaper / Accent Walls / Textured Walls 

Whether it be in the living room, a bathroom, bedroom, or even a conference room, bold wallpaper, murals and accent walls are gracing walls everywhere. This element was once seen as merely an interesting twist, but now it has become bolder and more decorative, giving an artistic flair to any room.

6. Monochrome Palettes

This year, the classic elegance of black and white finishes became another popular interior design trend. Black and white patterns, prints, decorative objects, and accessories may have been introduced by early Scandinavian designs, but they are very much here to stay.

Using black walls in interior design creates a chic design style, especially in combination with bright white furnishings. The bold and minimalistic aesthetic of these monochrome elements makes them suitable for any style of decor.

7. Faux & Dried Plants 

It’s no secret that house plants have been a big trend for a very long time. Similar to the bio-design trend, the indoor jungle vibe is booming. Nevertheless, people are coming to realize that beautiful botanicals don’t always have to be real. If for whatever reason the real deal just doesn’t work out, when in doubt – just turn to faux. These days, there are so many realistic-looking alternatives available, and they’re respected in the most prestigious design circles.

Dried flowers specifically are among this year’s hottest trends. Preservation arrangements have a life expectancy of up to two years, making them a wise investment compared with fresh flowers. The trendy pampas grass craze has inspired us to explore other ornamental grasses and dried foliage, opening up a whole new world of decor possibilities.

Which 2021 trend is your favourite?

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